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Teeth-In-An-Hour: Same Day Dental Implants

Teeth in an hourUsing the NobelGuide computer software

Dr. Shaw is able to pre-plan the entire implant placement and restoration procedure before the patient comes for his / her appointment. First, the patients’ CAT scan is used to identify the optimal implant placement locations and to visualize subsequent restorative alternatives. Once this planning phase is completed, the proposed treatment plan is sent electronically to the Nobel Biocare Centre. Within days, the team at Nobel Biocare sends back a surgical template to help guide the actual placement. The template allows Dr. Shaw to place the implants using a flapless technique (with considerably less post-surgical discomfort and practically no swelling), and to affix temporary and in some cases even permanent teeth to the dental implants – all in the same appointment! It is this quick delivery of results that prompted Nobel Biocare to coin the term “Teeth-in-an-Hour”.

Same day dental implants is an exciting technology with very tangible benefits for the patient. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for same day dental implants procedure and Dr. Shaw must follow a rigorous screening process to carefully evaluate each case individually.


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