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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry has made significant advances in both technique and technology over the last ten year. Things that were simply not possible in the past are now completely accessible to prosthodontists. These advances have allowed Dr. Shaw to achieve some truly stunning results with people’s smiles.

Although the aesthetic end result is an extremely important consideration, it is actually one of three cornerstones of Dr. Shaw’s practice.

The first, and understandably most important goal of Dr. Shaw’s Aesthetic dentistry practice is to positively affect his patients’ overall health and well being. Our team takes this responsibility to heart and we work hard to ensure healthy teeth, gums and lives.

The second cornerstone of Dr. Shaw’s practice is optimal functionality. Many dental concerns have a number of different solutions available; each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Shaw’s approach involves the presentation of the options with a recommendation for the optimal solution.

The final, and equally important cornerstone, is aesthetic appeal. Although some may argue that aesthetics shouldn’t play as prominent a role as the first two components, we have seen firsthand the power of a confident smile. We are very comfortable affording aesthetic considerations their rightful place in our dental practice.


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