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Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding is a relatively simple procedure, whose sole purpose is to fix small fractures or imperfections in natural teeth. Composite material whose look and physical properties closely resemble enamel is used. It is applied to the affected area, then moulded to closely match the natural tooth, and hardened with a curing light (high intensity beam of light). Bonding is a non-invasive technique that is very effective under certain circumstances.

Composite bonding is ideal for chipped or cracked teeth and is also suitable for hiding the teeth' discoloration or reducing gaps between teeth. The procedure helps to create more aesthetically pleasing teeth, and a brighter smile. Composite bonding is a fast, minimally invasive, and inexpensive option for the minor, aesthetic problems people face regarding dental concerns. It can be done often in one single visit to the dentist, which saves you time and money and can be done without damaging the existing teeth in the process. 

Composite bonding can be shaded to match natural teeth coloring, is long-term, and allows patients to continue their normal lifestyle for the most part.


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