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Full mouth reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Very early on in his career, Dr. Shaw became aware that in order to achieve the treatment results that he was hoping to realize for his patients, he would have to stop being a “tooth doctor” and truly understand the interconnection between the anatomy of the mouth as a whole. As a result, he has incorporated a comprehensive approach to his examinations in order to develop complete treatment plans that integrated occlusion optimization, integrity of the natural teeth and aesthetic appeal of the prosthetic restorations. This strategy has allowed Dr. Shaw to offer comprehensive solutions for patients that needed them. He has adopted a phased approach to ensure that each detail is attended to and that you, the patient, are aware and fully understand your specific case and the treatment options available to you.

The first step in full mouth reconstruction is a consultation during which Dr. Shaw evaluates the overall oral health of the gums and teeth. He uses a wide range of diagnostic tools including digital radiographs, intra-oral photography and diagnostic models to assess any areas of concern. While exploring treatment options, he will evaluate the functionality and efficacy of the treatment solution, its longevity and last but not least, its aesthetic appeal.

In taking on full mouth reconstruction cases, Dr. Shaw will use all of the tools available in order to create a customized and comprehensive solution that addresses the health of the mouth as a whole, not simply every tooth individually. In using this approach, some of the more complex full mouth reconstruction cases will require a coordination of efforts with other dental specialists (i.e endodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, etc.).


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