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Implant Dentistry Procedure

Implant Dentistry

In the Implant dentistry procedure, we surgically place a titanium component resembling a screw into the bone in the area of the missing tooth. Once this is done, the bone begins to grow around the implant, securing it firmly in place (oseointegration).

The use of implants has three important advantages over other restorative solutions. First, it allows for a much more permanent and secure solution for the restoration (i.e. prosthetic tooth replacement) which in turn leads to greater and more natural functionality. The second benefit of Implant dentistry procedure is the reduction in the resorbtion (attrition) of the bone in the area of the missing teeth. Resorbtion of the bone can lead to an increasingly fragile jawbone and to the recession of the jaw line. Lastly, the use of implants to secure prosthetic restorations eliminates the need to “prepare” the neighbouring teeth. It is of course preferable to avoid the “manipulation” (removal) of the healthy, natural tooth surface whenever possible.

Dr. Shaw works closely with Nobel Biocare, a preeminent supplier of dental implant solutions. He prepares the most complex cases using NobelGuide, an advanced digital diagnostic and treatment planning computer software. It allows him to plan in advance on his computer the exact location of the implant placements to ensure optimal results both with respect to osseointegration and subsequent restoration. For a brief discussion on the applications of the NobelGuide, please refer to the Prosthodontics and Technology section.


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