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Prosthodontics and Technology

Prosthodontics and Technology

Digital X-Rays

We are proud to have integrated the use of digital x-rays into our practice. This was done as soon as the technology reached the point where it did not compromise the quality or consistency of patient care. The advantages of using digital x-rays are quite compelling. First, the technology is healthier, reducing exposure to the traditional x-ray radiation by up to 80%. Second, the efficiency of not having to develop films manually reduces the amount of waiting time for our patients. Third, if there are any areas of concern within the radiograph, we have the ability to magnify and zoom into the image to take a closer look to help with our diagnostic efforts. Fourth, it allows us to communicate more effectively with our patients’ general practitioners using emailed radiographs. Last, but not least, it eliminates the use of film and chemicals for development, thus making it a more environmentally friendly solution.


NobelGuide is 3D software that enables dentists to develop and visualize dental implant treatment plans before any procedure is started. The software creates a three dimensional representation of the patient’s actual teeth and surrounding bone, and allows the dentist to consider all important variables and potential solutions before making a decision on the best course of action. Additionally, it enables the dental health care professional to maximize the use of all available bone within the jaw. This can allow the team to avoid an additional grafting procedure or in some cases, makes the treatment available to people that would have otherwise not been viable candidates. Effectively, the software permits working with different scenarios to develop an optimally functional and aesthetic solution.

If you are interested in knowing more about this state of the art technology (and how it could help you), please let us know and we will be happy to give you more information.

Snap-On Smile

The Snap-On Smile is a new technology that simply does what it says. It serves as a new, aesthetically enhancing front for your teeth. It is made of an advanced dental resin and can snap on and off with ease. You can enjoy most foods as you normally would without having to worry about your prosthetic coverings. The Snap-On Smile makes having a stunning smile more financially accessible but it is important to note that it is not a restorative prosthetic. Its main function is to enhance your smile, not replace traditional dentistry.

Diode Laser

In our office, we use this technology to help minimize the invasiveness of many surgical procedures. The diode laser has been found to minimize the swelling and scarring, reduce postsurgical pain and often allows for healing without the need for sutures or surgical dressings. The healing process is aided by the bactericidal properties of the diode laser itself. Ultimately, this tool reduces the discomfort for patients and shortens the overall healing time.


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